Management System Policy

Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy

Our establishment is the leading company in its region with our technology and experience in environmental sewer cleaning equipment. We aim to be an establishment of the future by addressing the process as a whole from the perspective of quality in all of the environment and human oriented solution applications we have offered to our customers for more than 35 years, and by aiming for customer satisfaction at every step with the participation of our innovative and dynamic team, which is our most fundamental value.

To reach our goals accurately with the right principles, in light of becoming the establishment of the future, we commit to apply and constantly improve the following according to our main values and goals with the participation of all our employees;

-to carry out an effective Integrated Management System covering all our activities, to comply with all these standards and to fulfill all the requirements of these standards,

-to ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction by precisely providing the needs and expectations of our local and overseas customers,

-to increase the long-term commitment of our employees, customers, suppliers and external collaborations by providing trainings that will encourage innovative and creative approaches and increasing technical and behavioral competencies, 

-to determine approaches that improve our performance and the value created in all our business areas,

-to create a strong association by sharing information on social and environmental topics, occupational safety and security topics in order to ensure transparency and accountability in our relations with our stakeholders, 

-to comply within the national and international legal legislations and regulations regarding the Occupational Health and Safety/ Environment,

-to reduce risks and implement occupational safety measures in order to prevent damages, accidents, occupational diseases and social effects on the health of our employees and all parties affected by our work,

-to use equipment, technology, techniques and processes that do not harm the environment or human health.