Water Recycling Combined Sewer Truck

Water Recycling Combined Sewer Truck

Economizing the water usage while cleaning the sewer lines has become even more important today. While an ordinary Combined Sewer Cleaning Vehicle can flood 300 liters of water per minute into the sewer, with 4 hours of operation per day, you can consume 72 tons of water. This means an average of 18,000 tons of water consumption per week.

Water Recycling Combined Sewer Vehicle is developed to cut this dramatic water consumption down with separating solid waste particles of the vacuumed wastewater inside the tank and direct this water to reusing in high-pressure water system for sewer cleaning under necessary working condition. This recycling function also ensures extra operation times without needing additional water supply and less waste discharge requirement. In this way, you save tons of water, but also save time by eliminating the idle times during sewer cleaning by waste dewatering.

Water Recycling Combined Sewer Vehicles are specially designed to create custom solutions for each project, according to different factors such as the sewer lines’ diameter and lengths, population in region, width of streets and the type of wastes; It can be mounted on 2-axle, 3-axle, 4-axle trucks and trailers and produced in different tank and pump capacities and has been produced by Güneri Makina for more than 20 years.