Water Recycling Combined Sewer Truck

Water Recycling Combined Sewer Truck

Economizing water usage during sewer line cleaning has become increasingly important. A typical Combined Sewer Cleaning Vehicle can flood 300 liters of water per minute into the sewer. With 4 hours of operation per day, this results in a consumption of 72 tons of water, averaging 18,000 tons per week.

To address this issue, the Water Recycling Combined Sewer Vehicle is developed. It reduces water consumption dramatically by separating solid waste particles from the vacuumed wastewater inside the tank. The reclaimed water is then directed for reuse in the high-pressure water system during necessary working conditions. This recycling function not only saves tons of water but also extends operation times without requiring additional water supply, leading to fewer waste discharge requirements. Consequently, this approach saves not only water but also time by eliminating idle periods during sewer cleaning through waste dewatering.

Water Recycling Combined Sewer Vehicles are designed to offer customized solutions for each project, considering factors such as sewer line diameter and length, regional population, street width, and waste type. They can be mounted on 2-axle, 3-axle, and 4-axle trucks and trailers, produced in various tank and pump capacities. Güneri Makina has been manufacturing these vehicles for more than 20 years, ensuring reliability and efficiency