With the increase in the city infrastructure density of water, sewer, telecommunication and natural gas lines, it has become very difficult to perform excavation operations with the traditional methods. Hydro-Excavator is designed 5 years ago to perform excavation operations without damaging the city infrastructure which is getting more important every day and minimize the any kind of risks.

While the high-pressure water-jet system trenches the soil on the job sight, the vacuum system takes the softened material into its tank with minimum risk. Additionally, this design allows to carry out transportation of the excavated material with the same vehicle.

Hydro-Excavators are specially designed to create custom solutions for each project, according to different factors such as the type of operation to be carried out and job environment; and can be mounted on 3-axle, 4-axle trucks in different tank and pump capacities. Also, it is capable of perform excavation operations with DN150 mm. (6'') or DN200 mm. (8'') suction hoses with variable length options for your needs through acrobat suction arm and telescopic suction boom.