: To cope with the escalating density of city infrastructure, including water, sewer, telecommunication, and natural gas lines, traditional excavation methods have become increasingly challenging. The Hydro-Excavator, designed five years ago, addresses this issue by enabling excavation operations without causing damage to the city infrastructure. This is crucial as the need to minimize risks grows more significant each day.

The Hydro-Excavator employs a high-pressure water-jet system to trench the soil on the job site, while the vacuum system efficiently transports the softened material into its tank with minimal risk. Notably, this design allows for the transportation of excavated material using the same vehicle.

Specially crafted for versatility, Hydro-Excavators offer custom solutions tailored to each project's unique factors, such as the type of operation and job environment. They can be mounted on 3-axle or 4-axle trucks, featuring various tank and pump capacities. Moreover, the Hydro-Excavator can perform excavation operations using DN150 mm. (6'') or DN200 mm. (8'') suction hoses with variable length options to suit specific needs, facilitated through an acrobat suction arm and telescopic suction boom.