Combined Sewer Cleaning Vehicle

Combined Sewer Cleaning Vehicle

Sewer lines are clogged and narrowed with different types of waste such as solid and liquid domestic waste, sand, mud, industrial waste, tree roots, oil etc. Today, regular cleaning of these lines has become one of the critical issues for environmental cleaning and public health and is essential.

Combined Sewer Cleaning Vehicles are developed to clean of sewer lines and ensure that the wastes in the line are shredded and swept into the manhole shaft with the high-pressure water system than vacuum these materials from the manhole with its vacuum system. These high-tech vehicles have the functions of both Sewer Jetting Vehicle and Vacuum Tanker at the same time and can be operated as both separately by functioning only high-pressure water system or only vacuum system.

Combined Sewer Cleaning Vehicles are specially designed to create custom solutions for each project, according to different factors such as the sewer lines’ diameter and lengths, population in region, width of streets and the type of wastes; It can be mounted on 2-axle, 3-axle, 4-axle trucks and trailers and produced in different tank and pump capacities.