About Us

With 37 years of experience, creating solutions for sewer business.

About Us

Güneri Makina, with its technology and experience in environmental sewer cleaning equipment, is the leading company in the region. Since its establishment in 1985, it has increased its annual equipment production level to more than 160 products and has sold more than 1.500 vehicles in domestic and foreign markets.

Besides the sales that it has conducted to the public institutes and private sectors, it also made sales and provided technical service support to countries such as Romania, United Kingdom, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Israel, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Algeria, Somalia, Libia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

As Güneri Machine, our goal is to provide the needs of our customers, whom we offer the highest quality, experience and reliability, in the fastest and accurate way. In accordance with our goals, we approach post sales services with the same sensitivity that we provide on production.

Our establishment continues production, sales and post sales services in 3 different compounds; our center office in Istanbul, our factory located in Kocaeli, Gebze and our factory located in Izmir, Menderes. Our establishment, which has a wide network of post sales services, provides service in 7 different areas of Turkey with our service stations and mobile service teams. For our customers abroad, we provide service stations in different areas and countries after negotiating sales.

The environmental sewer cleaning equipments that we produce consist of; Vacuum Trucks, Sewer Cleaning Vehicles, Combined Sewer Cleaning Vehicles and Vacuum Loaders. In addition; Rom (Holland) High Pressured Environmental Cleaning Products, Rausch (Germany) Sewer Imaging Systems and Ridgid (United States of America) Sewer Imaging and Identifying Products are among our main distribution specialties. In addition to these services, we also offer solutions to our customers such as converting the Vacuum Trucks or Sewer Cleaning Vehicles into Combined Sewer Cleaning Vehicles and transferring the complete superstructure to new vehicles.


To preserve and extend our leadership in domestic market and to become a regional and a global power whilst enhancing our export performance

Setting industrial quality standards, making an essential contribution to improving technology and delivering quality products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations.